6 ways to Stay Healthy and build Wealth

Here are 6 ways to Stay Healthy and build Wealth:

6 ways to Stay Healthy and build Wealth

Did you know that staying healthy can make you rich?

Believe me! It’s true.


Even, researchers have proved it. They have found a strong association between the health of an individual and wealth creation.

Initially, good health improves life expectancy. You tend to live longer and enjoy life. You can give higher performance at work. You tend to miss fewer working days.

It’s well said that “in a healthy body, rests a healthy mind”. Good health promotes not only physiological well-being but psychological well-being as well. Being healthy encourages initiative and creativity.

It keeps you cheerful and active. You can take decisions in a better way. It promotes optimism and keeps away depression.

Conversely, poor health is associated with devastation and negativity. It adversely affects not only your physical but also your mental well-being. Poor health confines you within the boundaries of your home. Prolonged illness tends to affect your ability to focus on work and decision-making.

You are unable to handle stress and meet deadlines. Your performance continues to drop; so your chances of promotions and increments. You feel frustrated and develop a sense of low self-esteem.

Ill health leaves you with lesser energy to interact with people. You tend to avoid socializing and skip get-togethers and parties. The resultant solitude might give rise to the feeling of loneliness. Loneliness is antithetic to sound mental health.

Apart from physiological and mental damage, adverse health takes a toll on your financial well-being. It leads to drain of money in diverse ways.

Your savings get diverted to the payment of medical bills which you might have allocated for other purposes. Hence, achievement of critical goals becomes difficult.

Extended and unpaid leaves adversely affect income from salary. It continues to drop which may reduce your overall disposable income to take care of household expenses. Your ill health may put your dependents in a financial jeopardy.

Especially, when you are already shouldering a loan, bad health would create a financial burden. It might push the family into deprivation and bankruptcy.

As regards health insurance, poor health can reduce your insurability. You might know that the insurance premium is linked to your life expectancy. The health insurer would demand a higher premium in case of low fitness standards.

Moreover, if you have pre-existing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, you are taken as a high-risk prospect. You may get covered but with a lot of conditions.

Now you know that it is so much rewarding to stay healthy. Be it body-wise or money-wise, the doors of opportunities always remain open for a healthy individual.

As a prudent individual, you may follow these guidelines to create wealth by staying healthy:

6 ways to Stay Healthy and build Wealth

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Eat Well

A wise man rightly opined “What you eat determines how you behave”.

The daily hectic schedule does a lot of wear and tear on the body. Your body needs proper nutrition to handle such stress. In the absence of a balanced diet, you may develop deficiencies and various ailments.

Sometimes, due to malnutrition or odd schedules, you may develop eating disorders. You might stay up late at night and develop a liking for high-calorie food. You may eat junk food over healthy food due to easy access.

Junk food might be cheaper as compared to healthy food. But, such savings would soon be drained in payment of costly hospital bills. Additionally, your work performance would deteriorate thereby impeding career progression.

Switching to healthy food gives a healthy body and active mind. You need to eat food that is easy to digest and freshly prepared. It needs to be low on salt & spices.

You can avoid foods that are greasy and oily so that you don’t feel sluggish. Eat something which releases energy slowly and keeps you energetic for a long time.

Avoiding Substance Abuse

The working environment is such that it’s bound to cause stress. As you move up the career ladder, the responsibilities increase; both in personal and professional life. It might cause a disturbance in work-life balance.

In such scenario, the majority of professionals resort to addiction as a stress buster. They may begin smoking or consuming alcohol or even drugs. Sometimes, to keep the company of your friends or colleagues, you may develop such habits.

Substance abuse may give you a momentary escape, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. In the long run, it may cause irreversible damage to health, money and reputation.

It’s been the most common reason of draining wealth nowadays. It might increase your expenditure but doesn’t lead to any asset creation. It might strain your relationship with your loved ones.

Instead of getting into some addiction, try to deal with the problems. If you are feeling vulnerable, then find out the reason behind it. Achieve work-life balance via time management. Ultimately, it will lead to wealth creation in future.

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Exercising & Sleep-wake up regularity

Do you feel sluggish, depressed and drained at the end of every day?

May be your body is not getting the sufficient workout!

Exercising is found to have positive physiological & mental effects. It not only keeps you active but also helps in weight management. It aids in boosting the immune system.

When you exercise, it releases endorphins or happy hormones in your brain. It keeps you happy, focussed and motivated all day long. If you exercise regularly, you can stay away from depression and other lifestyle diseases.

Additionally, stable sleep-wake up cycle also does the same thing as exercise does to your body. It will regulate your hunger and other body mechanisms. It prevents eating disorders and substance abuse. It controls impulsive and wasteful expenditure.

In a way, you end up saving lot more bucks then you would have without exercising.


You need to be a goal-oriented person. People who have goals in life were found to have higher self-esteem than those without goals.

Having a goal in life makes you disciplined and time-bound. It increases your ability to learn and face challenges. Your problem-solving and decision-making ability improves. You can identify and cash-in on opportunities in a better manner.

You can work on one goal or multiple goals simultaneously. It all depends on the time you have, your interests and patience. Staying healthy or managing weight can be one of your goals.

Along with that, you may pursue wealth creation goal which is a by-product of a balanced lifestyle.

Associating with like-minded people

A good company can make or break your life!

Introspect to identify your interests. Then explore how you can pursue them with people of the same wave length.

It pays to be with like-minded people. You won’t feel lonely and will have a sense of belongingness. It keeps motivated and helps you develop a progressive attitude.

Always be on a look out for optimistic people. In this way, you can also stay positive and channelize your energies into productive avenues.

Chances are you might come across those who help you in career progression and soul-searching. That’s going to assist you in increasing your earning capacity and likability.

Seek help of life coach

To perform all the above things, you need to be a self-motivated individual.

But quite often, you might be unable to figure out where to begin.

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In that case, seek the help of a life coach. He/she will contribute to cut down the noise and gain clarity on what you want from life. He/she can help in planning the things in a better manner.

Especially, in the domain of financial planning, a financial advisor can help to attain complete transformation. If you can manage money properly, other things will follow.

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