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myMoneySage Safety & Security
At myMoneySage, we require your minimum personal details which are required by law to start making investments. This data is not shared by us with any third-party apps or marketing companies. You can read about our Privacy policy here  
myMoneySage enables bank-level security, and all your personal information is stored using 256-bit encryption. All MF/stocks transactions are done via MFUtility, BSE Star or the linked Broker accounts respectively,

We believe that your money should be under your control and do not take any POA neither we work with pool accounts, At no point of time, your money comes to our accounts.

Our advice is disseminated to your login and it gets executed post your approval. The bottom line is while investing your funds go from your Bank account to the respective Exchange or Broker account and while redeeming it comes directly to your Bank account.

You will be entering your bank details and PAN on our secure platform. It is not accessible by or visible to any of our team members.

myMoneySage uses bank-level encryption and a read-only connection and does not have direct access to your financial accounts. Our environment in Plynt-certified which means that it is safe against any security vulnerabilities.  
MyMoneySage Advisory

We offer holistic advisory which is unbiased and transparent. Our advice is based on your investing goals, risk tolerance, and your existing investments. Our advice does not just offer MF recommendations alone.

We leverage factors that can more reliably contribute to better portfolio returns and investor outcomes, below are the factors in the order of importance and their contribution to investment returns.

We at myMoneySage keep our advice asset class and product agnostic, we would be recommending the most optimal asset class/product mix inline with the financial objectives of the client,

Our core portfolio typically comprises of products like Mutual Funds, ETFs. REITs, Bonds etc. Where as our satellite portfolio will have products like Direct Equity, Unlisted shares, Structured products, Private equity etc.


A dedicated investment adviser will be assigned to every client along with support staff for execution. There is no limit on the number of meetings or talk time with the adviser.

The investment adviser will help the client with risk profiling, goal setting and all other activities that are incidental to comprehensive financial planning.

Tax planning is included in our comprehensive financial planning, however tax filing comes at an additional cost and depends upon the complexity of the case.

MyMoneySage Plans

No, there is no refund for any of the paid plans.

Clients can pay the fee by the way of a debit mandate from their Bank account they can also choose to pay via NEFT, UPI or Debit and Credit cards.

No, we don’t provide the installment facility.


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