Here is how to generate UAN online from EPFO without employer

Procedure to create UAN online from EPFO without employer:

Mr. Bhaskar left his job back in 2008 and currently he is running his own business. He wanted to know the procedure to get his UAN number. There have been many similar instances where people have left their job but do not have their UAN as they are not able to contact their employer now. The post below will help to get your UAN number without any need for contacting your employer.

UAN is a twelve digit number which is allotted by the employer to its employees subscribed to EPF. The UAN remains same throughout the service life of the employee. However, in some cases, the employer does not provide the UAN details to the employee or employee may have misplaced the UAN.

So if you are stuck in either of the situation or if you have not worked anywhere till now or you left your job long back and is unable to contact your employer, EPFO’s UAN allotment facility will enable you to generate and activate UAN online without any hassle.

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Essentials before filling up the UAN Registration form

• Aadhar number
• PAN number
• Bank account number
• Bank IFSC code
• Scanned Photograph and signature

Procedure to generate UAN through EPFO

To generate UAN through EPFO portal, you can go to the link below:

Click here for UAN generation through EPFO Portal

Section 1: KYC Details-

Before filling this section, you have to fill up your Mobile Number and Email Id. Mobile Number is mandatory. However, you should also fill up the Email Id as an alternative communication option.

In section 1, you can fill up to four KYC details as mentioned below:

• Your name & Aadhar number as per Aadhar Card
• Your name & PAN number as per your PAN
• Your name & Passport number as per your Passport
• Your name and number of Election/ Voter Id card as per your Election/ Voter Id card

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Note: Aadhar and PAN details are mandatory to be filled. Do make sure that you fill up the details as per the KYC documents.

Section 2: Personal Details-

This section requires you to fill up the details such as your Name, Date of Birth, Postal address, Father’s name, Mother’s name, Marital status, Spouse’s name, Qualification and Industry you are associated with.

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Section 3: Bank Details-

In this section, you have to fill your Bank Account Number and IFSC code.

Section 4:

In this section, you need to upload your photograph and signature.

Below are the specifications for the photograph and signature:

• Photograph:

 Photograph is to be taken from digital camera
 The dimension of the photo is restricted to 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm
 Size of the photograph should be between 15 Kb to 20 Kb
 Background of the image should be dark red
 The image should be in jpeg format only

• Signature:

 The image size for the signature should be less than 20 Kb
 The image should be in jpeg format only

After filling up all the requisite details in the registration form and uploading the photograph and signature; enter the Captcha and click on “Get Authorization Pin”. You will get the PIN on the mobile number filled in the registration form. Enter the PIN and submit the registration form. You will receive the UAN via SMS on your registered mobile number.

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Benefits of UAN generation facility through EPFO

• Any person who is currently in employment but does not have UAN, person who is currently not in any employment as well as who has never been a member of EPFO can use this facility to generate UAN.
• Elimination of error in personal details as you will be filling your details.
• You will have UAN directly from EPFO.
• No more interventions from your employer.
• You will be in direct contact with EPFO for any transactions pertaining to your EPF.
• No need of submitting any physical documents, only soft copy required.
• You need not have to visit EPFO.

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Process after UAN Generation

After getting the UAN, you need to activate the same by visiting the UAN member portal. Below is the direct link to the UAN activation page:

Click here to activate UAN

On this page, click on the check box and enter your UAN, mobile number used for UAN registration, select the state, city, etc. to get the PIN for the activation of UAN. PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number. After the activation, you can login to the UAN member portal by using your UAN as the user id and the password as created by you.

UAN facility is much more useful once you are employed. You just have to provide the UAN to your employer, and once your employer starts contributing to your EPF account, you can avail facilities such as check your PF balance, apply for PF transfer to the new account in case of any previous PF account, etc.


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