Save, Plan, Invest & Track Money

Here’s all about which is One tool to Save, Plan, Invest & Track your Money: One tool to Save, Plan, Invest & Track Money

Managing one’s finances is tricky as it’s more a personal problem than financial.

The reason can be financial illiteracy or behavioural anomalies like procrastination, distrust, greed & fear among many others.

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You need a fool-proof remedy to all your problems instead of piecemeal approaches. The solution is! is a perfect blend of man plus machine. You may perceive it as a combination of a Robot & Human Advisor. has won awards like AD-Astra 2016, SME National award for Excellence. In Mint Fintech Summit 2016, mymoneysage stood as one of the top 10 influential Fintech startups in India.

We are one of the fastest growing financial communities in India.

You as an investor get automated data aggregation of all personal finance accounts like Mutual Funds, Equity, Bonds, NPS, EPF, PPF including Bank and credit card accounts.

Mguard, our robo-advisor, combines the wisdom of the advisor with the reasoning of the machine to recommend the best combination of funds according to your risk profile. We call it the “RoMan Advisor”.

Mutual fund investing is more fun & cost-effective with mymoneysage! Our Robo advisor powered by the intelligence of advisors on our platform will suggest you the most optimal portfolios to create wealth.  The best part is all your MF investments will be in direct mode.

All-in-all Mymoneysage is your “Money Mitra” for life. Sign-up with Mymoneysage as soon you start earning and continue as a client even after setting up a family & beyond retirement.

Mymoneysage is a one-stop solution for your lifetime financial needs!

So let’s get introduced to the features of Mymoneysage:

  1. Money Manager helps in aggregation of all of your asset and liability accounts at one place including EPF, PPF, NPS,  Real Estate et al.
  2. Goal-based investing and live tracking of financial goals
  3. The budget feature allows you to set and track budgets so that your expenses fall within the established limits.
  4. The calendar feature facilitates auto-scheduling of your financial events once the asset accounts have been added.
  5. Portfolio feature helps you in creating a goal-based portfolio, asset allocation and gives a graphical representation of your asset allocation and net worth.
  6. Report function creates multi-asset including equity and mutual fund reports which can be obtained as consolidated and standalone. These are available for downloads in PDF & Excel Formats.
  7. Direct investing in Mutual Funds at a nominal annual fee using MF Invest platform.
  8. Free access to Ask an advisor query window connects you to Registered Investment Advisors to solve your finance-related questions.

Just like a personal financial assistant, it helps you to make most out of your money.

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You can choose the membership as per your requirement:

  1. The FREE for life plan: This Free for life account includes most of the platform features like budgets, creating a goal-based portfolio, report generation, reminder settings, document uploads, ask an advisor help window, investing in direct plans of Mutual Funds without any fees(zero commission, Zero Fees)
  2. The GOLD plan: It provides you all the features of the free plan. In addition to this, you get Free Guidance from an RIA on the MF selection & portfolio construction at a very low cost of 125 per month without any strings attached.
  3. The PLATINUM plan: It provides you with an opportunity to get handholding from a Registered Investment Advisor of your choice who shall guide you with a comprehensive and custom-made financial plan

Not only this. There’s more to come!

The upcoming section gives a glimpse into the critical features of Mymoneysage

  1. Make your Mymoneysage profile

mymoneysage profile

Start investing by creating your Mymoneysage profile. Tag your family members’ asset/liability accounts that have common goals.  You now get a holistic view of the entire family’s finances.

Then, answer a set of questions and know your risk profile. This will help you in making informed decisions.

  1. Aggregate financial data with Money Manager

money manager

Once you have created a profile, now it’s time to aggregate all your asset accounts like investments, bank accounts, real estate, post office savings and liability accounts like credit cards, loans at one place.

You may add the account manually, or upload a bank statement directly into Mymoneysage or use your institution’s credentials to fetch the data from the institution automatically.

  1. Make a Budget with aggregated data

mymoneysage budget

Using the aggregated financial data, prepare a monthly budget. As you proceed, flag the expense/income as recurring or one-time. As you add an account either by auto mode or statement upload, the transactions get categorised into specific categories automatically.

At the end of the table, you can see the net cash flow & get an idea of your financial health.

If you need, you can even compare monthly budgets to locate the deficits/surpluses.

  1. Set life Goals with Live Goal Tracker

mymoneysage goals

Select a goal from the given list or create a custom-made goal. Enter the investment horizon, the finance required for the goal and the expected rate of return.

Link it to an existing/new portfolio. Here, you can assign the entire asset or its specific percentage to that goal.

Click “Required” to see a line graph which shows the target savings & actual savings. The colored bar shows the time left for goal achievement.

The “View Portfolio” widget displays a pie chart of assets & liabilities linked to that goal along with the XIRR. The “Asset Allocation” widget takes you to a pie chart showing the asset allocation pattern..

  1. Build a Portfolio around life goals

mymoneysage custom portfolio

The Portfolio tool enables you to get a comprehensive view of your Net Worth as also create customised portfolios.

Create a Portfolio by allocating a percentage of each asset from a range of assets/liabilities. Afterwards, link it to the goal which you wish to achieve.

You can create separate goal-based portfolios & for individual family members as well.

Goal linking offers you many benefits. You may switch from portfolio window to goal window using “View Goal” widget to see your asset allocation among equity, debt & alternative assets.

Also, the percentage of net worth held across different asset classes can be viewed in pie-charts & Tables.

  1. Make your tax-filing simpler with insightful Reports

Mymoneysage Reports

Generate downloadable & printable reports in Excel & PDF showing multiple assets & liabilities. These are available both as standalone & in consolidated formats.

A consolidated report would encompass bank accounts, equity & mutual fund investments, real estate, retiral corpus, post office savings, credit cards, loans, insurance, etc.

Standalone report of assets & liabilities includes equity & mutual funds showing Capital Gains & Profit/Loss.

You will receive reports in your mailbox every fortnight with the “Auto Report Generation” feature. Moreover, you can generate a report for a specific period as well.

  1. Receive important reminders with Personal finance Calendar

Mymoneysage calendar

Stay ahead of time financially with the “Financial Calendar”.

It covers the entire range of financial events like home loan EMI, insurance premium due dates, FD maturity receipts & interest receivable on investments.

 Upon financial data aggregation, the “Calendar” reminds you of the ensuing EMIs and other financial commitments via email & SMS reminders on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

  1. Invest in direct mutual funds with MF Invest

MF Invest

With “MF Invest”, you can switch to low-cost high-return direct plans of mutual fund in 3 easy steps.

  1. Signup/Login to your Mymoneysage account.
  2. Upload Mutual Fund statement
  3. Click “Switch”

Click here & Switch to Direct

All this is available FREE of cost for lifetime

You just need to get your CAN, PAN, email id & date of birth validated. You can purchase/redeem MF units, initiate SIPs & STPs and perform switches.

You can also select Mutual Funds using expert recommendations shortlisted by our algorithm based on intelligence of our panel of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA).

If you want to be completely free from these hassles, then subscribe to our “Platinum Plan”. In this, you get a Registered Investment advisor exclusively to solve your personal finance issues & hand holds you to accomplish your financial goals.

Learn how to mange your money & create wealth, Download your FREE eBook now

Final Words

Until now you might be using multiple platforms to track, plan and invest with the advent of mymoneysage this will change as it empowers you to Track, plan and invest in a simple and cost effective way, undoubtedly is a boon to DIY investors

You need not worry, if you are a novice in investing you can always look at investment recommendations which are based on the advice of top investment advisors given to their clients, you can as well seek the handholding of a registered investment advisor on our platform if you find it difficult to manage on your own is an award winning personal finance platform. It helps you aggregate all your personal finance accounts like FD, Equity, Mutual Funds, PPF EPF, NPS including, Credit Cards & Loans etc. It's one place where you can track, plan and invest seamlessly. empowers you to invest in zero commission direct plans of mutual funds thereby helping you generate higher on investments. The best part is it comes with a lifetime Free plan.

Switch to direct mutual funds in 3 simple steps, earn 30% more return on your investments. Register to get a FREE myMoneySage account.

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