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Marriage is about merging your finances, possessions, ambitions, dreams, and histories. A significant part of your future as a married couple involves money, so take time to talk about your finances before walking down the aisle.

Financial topics to discuss before getting married

Relationships have become much more complicated due to the increase in nuclear families, working wives and mothers, couples living separately, and long-distance marriages.

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It is much harder for couples to manage their relationships, resulting in a significant increase in the number of divorces. If you are about to tie the knot, it’s essential to get to know your partner and discuss important issues.

Discussing such matters before getting married helps couples to be aware of each other’s views. Knowing about the beliefs and values of your life partner will help you to enjoy a prosperous and happy marriage, which lasts for a lifetime.


It makes sense to discuss these matters before you get married even if you are in love and believe that things will work out anyway. Not talking about finances could prove to be costly. Having discussions about your finances will help you to avoid pitfalls and reach your goals.

Here we will look at the most important things you need to discuss regarding money before you get married:

1. Views about raising a family

What is your opinion about raising a family? Do you want to have children? How many children would you like to have? The size of your family has a significant impact on your financial needs and plans. Talk about who will stay at home to take care of the children.

2. Attitude towards money

What are your views about spending and saving money? While some people are compulsive shoppers, others are frugal. Couples need to be aware of each other’s opinions about money because it will have a significant impact on their relationship.

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3. Outstanding debts

Do you have any outstanding debts? When and how do you intend to repay your debts? Discuss existing dues, credit history, and any financial mistakes. Your plans to buy assets like a car and home in the future will depend on this.

4. Financial goals and risk tolerance

What are your financial goals and how much risk are you willing to take? While those who have seen hard times tend to be conservative, others take financial security for granted and have bigger goals.

5. Division of household expenses

Who will manage the monthly household expenses? Make a realistic estimate of your income and expenses. Add up your income and decide how you will pay the monthly bills and save for the future.

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6. Assets

Do you want to hold financial and physical assets jointly or individually? You need to decide about whether you would like to keep assets like bank accounts, investments, and real estate in joint names or separately.

7. Net worth

How much are you worth? It’s essential to know about each other’s assets and liabilities. If you are worth a lot more than your partner, you can consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptials are common overseas but they are not favored and are not legally enforceable in India.

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8. Will and life insurance

Do you have life insurance? Have you made a will? Who is the nominee? Though this is not the time to think about the end of life, a will and life insurance are essential, and nominations need to be in favor of the spouse.

9. Career and family issues

Whose career is more important? What if a family member needs money? Discuss what you will do if you have to move to another town or if a family member requires financial aid. Talking about such things helps couples to avoid problems in the future.

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10. Emergencies

How would you deal with an emergency? If an unexpected event occurs, would you be willing to sell an asset or take up a part-time job? Are you ready to set up an emergency fund, which will help you to deal with unexpected events?

There are other questions that you need to ask to understand your partner. While you may be in love, there are practical aspects that you need to explore to find out if you are compatible. Let’s look at some other questions you need to ask your partner:

  • Is there any health problem or addiction about which you need to know? You need to know about issues like alcoholism and gambling before marriage, so you can think about whether you can deal with them.
  • If you will be living in a joint family, spend time with your partner’s family members to see if you can get on. If there are aged parents who will be living with you, see if both of you are ready to take care of them.
  • While some people enjoy socializing, others prefer to be alone and don’t want to spend all their time with their life partners. If you are aware of this, you will not take it personally.
  • Some people are hooked to social media and gaming. Others love to party, see movies, and travel. If you share similar interests, it will be a lot easier for you to enjoy your leisure time together.
  • Is your partner ready to share the housekeeping? If your partner doesn’t help, you will have to do the household chores. Doing the cleaning and tidying can be a strain if you are working and don’t have a domestic helper.
  • Find out if your partner is facing any legal cases. You can ask people who have known your partner for a while about this. You need to be aware of any criminal record.

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Sharing your dreams and making plans together will give you a better insight into the mind and heart of your life partner. It will help you to come closer and reach your emotional and financial goals as a couple. You can set your goals and plan your finances on my money sage.


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