How to prevent misuse of Aadhaar Card

Here’s How to prevent misuse of Aadhaar number:

How to prevent misuse of Aadhaar Number

On a Sunday morning, while watching favourite TV channel, Ramlal got a message on his phone saying that a bank has issued a credit card in his name.


But he never applied for one! Then how come the bank approved the application?

Looks like Ramlal’s Aadhaar number got misused!

In yet another case, the bank didn’t allow one elderly couple to exchange demonetized currency. Their Aadhaar number had already been used by someone else to exchange the daily limit of currency. They were unaware of this incident.

Several cases like this have surfaced wherein innocent citizens’ Aadhaar data was used to perform fraudulent financial transactions in their name.

Aadhaar database has been suffering from several leakages lately. The offenders are cashing-in on the vulnerabilities of the database. They can gain access to biometric and other sensitive information by hacking.

Instead of becoming a fool-proof authentication, Aadhaar number has become a weapon for targeted identity theft. If the fraudster has your details, he can create a fake Aadhaar card with his/her photo and then use your identity for malicious purpose.

Where all is Aadhaar card required?

Here are a few transactions where you need Aadhaar number:


1. Banking transactions

These days you need Aadhaar number to conduct a variety of banking transactions. Whether it’s account opening or financial transactions above Rs 50000; Aadhaar number serves as absolute proof. For new account opening, Aadhaar is mandatory.

You will realize that one Aadhaar card fulfils multiple requirements like ID proof and Address proof (if the address is updated). Recently the government made it compulsory for the existing account holders to provide their Aadhaar number to the bank until December 2017. After the deadline, their accounts will stand invalid.

2. Digital Locker

DigiLocker is a cloud-based platform provided by the government to its citizens. You can upload your scanned documents, authenticate it using E-sign and store it safely here. Moreover, you can receive a soft copy of CBSE/ICSE mark sheets, driving license & other documents issued by the authorities directly into this locker. Even verification of documents becomes a cakewalk.

Initially, you may open your account using your mobile phone number. To get the best out of your DigiLocker Account, you need to link your Aadhaar number. You may use the basic features without Aadhaar linking. But to unlock the advanced features like “Issued Documents”, you need to link your account with Aadhaar.

3. Provident Fund

Recently, EPFO launched the facility of online withdrawal of PF amount. In that, you can submit PF claim online without the interference of employer. Additionally, you can track your PF balance and transfer PF amount on a job change. You may even consolidate multiple PF accounts and print PF account statement.

But for all this and lot more, you need to link your UAN with Aadhaar number.

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4. Investing in Mutual Funds

Earlier, only those investors could invest in mutual funds whose PAN was KYC compliant. There was some hurdle in the investing process. But now with the advent of Aadhaar card, SEBI has simplified the process.

You can easily go ahead with MF investing if you have a PAN and Aadhaar number. It will be done via e-KYC. E-KYC is a paperless process to authenticate your identity.

After you submit PAN, mobile number, e-mail & Aadhaar number; the MF investing platform will initiate the e-KYC process. You will receive OTP on your phone. Upon entering the OTP, the e-KYC form will get auto-populated with your UIDAI data. UIDAI will verify your credentials. Within 15 minutes you will be ready to invest in mutual funds.

5. Passport Application

Aadhaar card helps you much more than you may think. If you are applying for a passport, Aadhaar card can facilitate to postpone the police verification step. The Ministry of External Affairs will use your Aadhaar card to verify your criminal records.

It will coordinate with the National Crime Records Bureau using your Aadhaar number. Hence, you will get the passport within 10 days; the only condition being that you get the police verification done once you receive the passport.

How to save from identity theft?

1. You must always keep sensitive documents in your custody. Avoid handing over these to others randomly without any reason. There have been instances wherein the acquaintances are found misusing the documents.

2. Many times you have to give your documents to another person for verification purposes. Remember to take them back once the purpose is served.

3. Whenever a document is being photocopied, we don’t stay vigilant. If you too have this habit, then you need to change it. You have to be careful about things going around.

4. It’s wise to mention the purpose of the documents during its submission. Suppose you give your Aadhaar card photocopy for bank account opening. You can write on it as “ID proof for account opening only at XYZ Bank”.

How to lock Aadhaar number?

UIDAI has come up with Aadhaar Biometric locking system to protect the privacy of your Aadhaar data. In this, you can prevent misuse of Aadhaar number by getting the biometrics locked. Once these are locked, the unlocking can only be done online.

You may follow these steps to lock your Aadhaar Biometric data:


1. Visit the Aadhaar locking website:
2. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
3. Click on “Send OTP”. UIDAI will send OTP on your registered mobile number.
4. Enter “OTP” in the space provided. Click “Log in”.
5. Click on the “Enable” tab. It will lock your Aadhaar Biometric credentials.
6. A window will appear showing successful completion.

How to unlock Aadhaar number?

You may follow these steps to unlock your Aadhaar Biometric data:


1. Visit the Aadhaar locking website:
2. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
3. Click on “Send OTP”. UIDAI will send OTP on your registered mobile number.
4. Enter “OTP” in the space provided. Click “Log in”.
5. Click on the “Unlock” tab. It will unlock your Aadhaar Biometric credentials. For authentication purpose, it will be unlocked only for 10 minutes. Afterwards, it will be locked automatically.
6. A window will appear showing successful completion.


Final Words

Aadhaar number is an important multi-purpose identity proof. By staying vigilant about its custody, you can prevent yourself from an identity theft.

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